About The Author

My name is Isabella, my friends call me Izzy, I don’t have a preference. I am a person in recovery from an eating disorder, which you will find most of my blogs are about that because when I began writing I was going through it. I was in a daily battle (not that I am fully recovered and have no negative thoughts at this point, but it is definitely not at the forefront of my mind). When I started writing, it was a lot for me and for other people in recovery, and parts of it still will be, because I am a human and I have moments. However, as I have gotten better, I do not feel like I want to word vomit into my keyboard about how annoyed I am someone said something stupid about a kit kat. I do still have a lot to say about ED’s, but not so much about my personal journey- at least not every day.

I am also a student and I am also a researcher and I am also a person who will not shut up about things that I think matter. For most of my academic journey I have written about addictive disorders- whether it is CBT with ED and SUD, evaluating the drug court program and its flaws, or discussing in length about why we need overdose prevention sites. I plan to continue writing about all of these things, and probably more. The world is changing, in the line of work I do we are making strides and finding new ways to help people, we are working on understanding and being okay with recovering from SUD not looking one way for all people.

In the ED community, we are standing up and saying we are no longer okay with meal plans based on BMI in residential treatment centers and fat phobic articles written by trained clinicians are getting called out. We are no longer listening to weight loss as a prescription from trained medical providers. We are talking about all bodies, we are talking about privilege, and we are talking about change. I am also researching residential eating disorder treatment and the lack of guidelines that are followed when insurance companies decide who stays and who goes- but I will save that for a post.

I am also hoping to incorporate other people’s stories and opinions into my writing, whether it is about ketamine treatment and micro dosing mushrooms as alternative ways to fight depression, how using cannabis helped someone in ED/SUD recovery, what it is like being an adult going to therapy and learning to set boundaries for the first time, or the struggles of this “new normal” and the impact it has had on mental health.

Hi, my name is Isabella, my friends call me Izzy. And my eating disorder is the least interesting thing about me, and I hope you enjoy.