About The Author

I am Izzy. I feel like I should possibly write this in, I don’t know, third person?? But now I have already started and so whatever. Here goes nothing. 

I am Izzy. These are all my deepest thoughts and uncomfortable feelings.

I have a bachelors degree in communications and psychology. I will soon have a masters degree in social work. I have a passion for human rights. I enjoy Law and Order: SVU. I like reading about harm reduction. I have anxiety. I had an eating disorder.

I don’t really know what all I’m going to write about on here. Maybe ED’s, maybe mental health, maybe the journey of getting my hair blonder, maybe my cat, maybe diet culture, HAES and how annoying I find the keto diet. Not 100% sure yet. Maybe all of that and then some.

We love a surprise.

FaShIoN (something I won’t be writing about because clearly, yikes)