Addicted (2015/2016 Poetry Collection)

Addicted is a collection of poems that I wrote between 2015 and 2016. At the time I was using drugs with a boyfriend that I thought was my end-all-be-all. Clearly, that was not so, however got some decent content out of it. Anyway, as you will read in my poems, I left that boyfriend and made my way to sunny South Florida. In March 2016 I went to rehab to try to figure out how to stop smoking crack and using heroin. In hopes of finding peace, and an attempt to get an A on my creative writing final that I didn’t show up for, I continued writing. Writing became a therapy for me, so I continued to write about that boyfriend, an old friend that overdosed two months after we reconnected, and a bunch of other random shit I thought about as I searched for mental stability.

I have at least thirty more poems from this time frame, however when I created this PDF in 2017, I guess they didn’t make the cut. Maybe one day I will upload them, maybe I won’t. There is at least one missing that is actually my favorite.

Sometimes I feel guilty and weird because a) my mind is a wild thing and b) any time I am writing in a poem format, it is 100% about a person and if you knew/know me it is usually easy to deduce who it is about.

So for the sake of all the people I have crossed paths with, please read with caution.